About Us

#1 Gym in Plano, Tx.

Ryan and Chris Close have created a “hardcore” heaven in Plano, Tx.

Big iron weights, patio grilling, gym dogs, and guns. What more could you ask for in a gym?

Opened Jan. 1st, 2015, the Close brothers started from humble beginnings.

From a rag tag set of equipment to an impressive array of competition grade lifting equipment, you can find it all here. Do you like lifting weights and pushing yourself? This is the place to do it. Whether you want to get some muscle, lose some weight, or get stronger, you really can do it all here.

Metroflex Gym – plano is equipped with:

  • power bars
  • specialty bars
  • deadlifting and squatting specific bars
  • deadlifting platforms
  • eliteFTS powerracks
  • bodybuilding machines
  • conditioning equipment 
  • strongman implements
This gym isn’t for the faint of heart. This gym is for those who have goals and dreams.

You’ll be greeted by the sweetest dog at the front and automatically like this place. When you shake hands and talk with the owners, you’ll find out this place is serious about what they do here. They have a strong belief in nourishing your body with quality food other than the hyped up supplements that are so often pushed on hopeful customers looking to add some extra muscle or lose some LBs.

Ryan Close says, “If you’re spending more on supplements than you are on groceries, you’re doing it wrong.”

Supplied with pasture raised, farm-to-gym beef and eggs from Buck Creek Farms in Paducha, Tx., you can stock up on your protein needs and get a lift in in one stop.

Are you the one to take endless selfies and play on your phone in the gym? This is not the place for you. Littered with “No Selfies” and “No Excessive Cell Phone Use” signs, you’d be better off at a Planet Fitness taking snapchats of you eating cupcakes on the low back extension. They want you actually TRAINING here. As long as there are people who have goals and want to push themselves, there will always be a need for places like this.

There are some people in this world who want to do something with their lives. Are you one of them? You have to RUN after your goals. You have to RUN after your dreams. All you have to do is show up and you’ll be amazed at what your body is capable of….

Bring a goal and leave your ego at home. It’s time to lift. It’s time to be the winner you were born to be…

“We wanted to bring the same intensity to our gym here in Plano that the Original Metroflex in Arlington is known for. The big iron equipment is just a platform on which to work….without the intensity and hard work you have nothing…. we wanted a gym that represents the Metroflex name and what it’s known for….loud music, chalk and heavy weights. I remember almost 8 years ago my brother telling me of his dream to open a Metroflex Gym as we were driving home to Memphis after our weekend in Arlington….. we’re here to see that dream through.”

-Chris Close, co-owner of Metroflex Gym – Plano