Massage Room

Metroflex Gym of Plano offers massage services in addition to our regular gym services.

Massage is beneficial in many ways and can help you get you to your goals. Increasing range of motion, decreasing stress, cutting down recovery time, and breaking down scar tissue are just a few examples of how massage can help you. Our full-time massage therapist, Emily Egan, can’t wait to get her hands on you! Contact her today to book a session.

To book a session, please call (920) 379-3052. 

Our full time massage therapist, Emily Egan, can’t wait to meet you! 

Session Pricing

  • 30 min. – $35 
  • 60 min. – $70 
  • 90 min. – $100

Emily also offers Essential Oil Therapy to help detox and balance your body for $45. Please contact Emily regarding packages availability and pricing.