Meet our Trainers

Metroflex Gym Plano has an evolving trainer lineup. Receive hands-on, detailed in-person instruction for lifting and meticulous guidance on dieting and nutrition for elite performance and results! 

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Chris Close | Owner


Instagram: @christopher_john_close

Tameika Carter | Certified Personal Trainer

Tameika is an Air Force veteran, mother of 2, and an IFBB Pro in the Bikini Division. She won the overall in her very first show, won top 5 in her first national show, and won her professional card in the IFBB Pro League in her third show. 

Tameika is an ACE certified personal trainer. She excels at training anyone from beginner to advanced level.  

Her goal with clients is for them to enjoy their life to the fullest, engage in social situations confidently, and take up events they’ve always wanted without limitations or fear of their body. She wants you to build the confidence to take on any obstacle in life starting with fitness and changing your body how you want to! 

Instagram: @meekphysique.ifbbpro

Dylan Bartz | Certified Personal Trainer

Dylan Bartz specializes in overall strength training, weight loss, and coaching weightlifting, sports performance, powerlifting, and strongman. Dylan has been lifting for 18 years and was the 2014 California State Powerlifting Champion, Log Pressing Champion 2021, and qualified 3 times for Strongman Nationals. Dylan has a bachelors of science in kinesiology at California State University. Dylan’s focus when training clients is making them the strongest version of themselves.

Instagram: @strongmanbartz

Ali Varnum | Certified Personal Trainer

At a young age Ali knew she had a knack for physical training and wanted to use her natural talents for a purpose. Weight training improved her confidence mentally and physically and she knew this could help many others. 

Ali is a ISSA certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, weight loss specialist, and specializes in strength and conditioning. She competes in bodybuilding in the NPC and is always looking to improve for her next show. 

She can train any and all fitness levels from beginners to competitive athletes

Instagram: @authenticalibi

Arturo Castro | Certified Personal Trainer

Arturo began his weight training 16 years ago at Gold’s Gym in North Hollywood, California where he was mentored by IFFB Pro Bodybuilders from the “Golden Era”. It was then he knew this is what he wanted to do. He later continued his training back in his hometown in Illinois at Jakked Hardcore Gym where the owners coached him in the sport of powerlifting. Most recently, Arturo has found a new home gym right here at Metroflex Gym Plano. 

Arturo specializes in strength training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and weight loss. He is also a certified holistic nutritionist and NASM personal trainer. His specialty is coaching his clients to overcome the limiting mental barriers through discipline. 

His goal is to coach his clients to be stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually through proper nutrition and strength training. 

Instagram: @arturoalejandrocastro